Edit Invoice

Required User Level
6 - Financial

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.

To edit invoice:

  1. Select the job or client to edit the invoice for.
  2. Click the Invoices button in the job view or client view window.
  3. It shows all the invoices that belong to this job or this client.
  4. Click the Edit button beside the invoice that you want to edit.
  5. You are able to change the date of the invoice, add more item or modify each item amount.
  6. After the invoice is posted,  not longer can be edited.
Button Function:
  1.   To add a new line.
  2.   To move a line up.
  3.   To move a line down.
  4.   To delete a line.
  5. Save: To save the change of the invoice.
  6. Delete: To delete the invoice.
  7. Refresh: To refresh the invoice.
  8. Cancel: To cancel and close the invoice.