Add Payment

To add payment:

  1. Select the client you want to create the payment for.
  2. In the payment window, it lists all the unpaid invoices from this client.
  3. Select the date, input the amount and the cheque number.
  4. When you type the amount of the payment, it automatic puts the amount to against the oldest invoice first, after the oldest invoice all paid off, then apply the remaining amount to the next one, so on so.
  5. You also can manually change the amount in the individual invoice payment text box.
  6. Remaining shows the amount of total payment minus the amount that apply to the invoices.
  7. If the total payment is in red, it means that over paid, it won't let you add the payment.
  8. If there is remaining amount left from the payment, it will remain in the client, you can apply the remaining amount to later invoices.
  9. Click the add payment button to apply the payment to the invoices.
  10. After the invoices have been fully paid, they are not longer shows in the add payment page.
  11. Click the cancel button to cancel the payment.