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Edit Quote

Required User Level
5 - Supervisor

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.


You can edit quote by selecting the edit button beside the quote you wish to edit. This section is available for level 5 users or up. See User Access Security .

Buttons in edit quote:

  • Save button: Save the change of the quote information.

  • Print button: Print out the quote.

  • Close button: Close the window.

  • Delete button: Delete the quote.

  • Accept button: If the quote is accepted, press this button. The user is given two options; either create a new project or assign the quote to an existing project if that project has already been created by another user. Search for the project number and select the project from the search results. That project comes up and you select the accept button to attach the quote to this project.

  • Decline button: Once your quote has been declined, it sends to the decline list.