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Add a New Job

Required User Level
4 - Edit/Delete

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.


You can add a job to Pimarc Jobs section if your user level is higher than level 3. See User Access Security.

To add a new job:

  1. In Jobs window or RapidEdit -> Jobs window, you can find the add job button.
  2. Click the Add Job button, and then it opens a "pick a client" window.
  3. Insert the client# or client name and click search button. If the client doesn't exit, click the add client button to add new client. See Add Client . Click reset button to reset your input. Click cancel button to cancel the form.
  4. Pick a client for the new job, then an add job file window shows up.
  5. In the primary contact selected box, if you can't find the right contact person, you can click the "add new contact" button to add more contacts. See Add New Contact.
  6. After you fill in the job information, click the save job button to save the job, then it opens the printing page that enable you to print out labels for the new job.
  7. If you want to add more information in this job, click the save job and add more info button. It will open the edit job window and the printing page.