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Project Distribution Report

Required User Level
6 - Financial

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.

This report shows a list of all the job type code used over a selected date range; it calculates the total and the percentage for each job type code.

There are four ways to generate the report:

  1. Check new project or project progress for the report.
  2. By selecting a month for the monthly report.
  3. By selecting a date range for the report.
  4. By selecting a year for the yearly report.
  5. By selecting a fiscal year for the yearly report.
  6. Report shows each job type, total and % of type.
  7. Sort by Municipality button only shows up when you check on new project, click it to open Municipality based project distribution report.
  8. Click view to each job type distribution details.