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Required User Level
2 - View/Add

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.

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All user levels are able to search job.

To search job:

  1. Click the jobs button in the menu bar, if it's not in the jobs window.

  2. In the search bar, there is a basic and an advanced search button. This button controls the number of search fields available and can be set depending on the user preference and searches you would normally perform.

  3. In the search bar, there is a check box. This check box is for searching Other Plan, if you check the checkbox, then it searches Other Plan at the same time and displays in the result.

  4. In the Jobs Search input bar, inserts one or more values you want to search. It allows you to search the database in variety of ways for any projects that have been completed or on going.

  5. In the jobs search input window, there are municipality button, plan/conc button, block button, county button, and job type button. Those buttons show those codes from your database. You also can use the calendar button to select date for date ordered and date due fields.

  6. There are two ways to search in lots and plan/conc. Entering 1 in either of these fields will show results 1 or 110 or 51 or anything with a 1 in it. However if you put the 1 in quotes ("1") then only records with 1 will be shown, not records with 110 or 51 or anything other than a 1 by itself.

  7. Click the Submit Query button or press the Enter key. If you want to search new values, click the reset button, then input your new value to search.

  8. Searching results are displayed in the Result Window.

  9. Select the project you are going to view, and then it opens a job result window. See view job.

For example: insert a file#: 03-0000 into search bar, the result is showed below.


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